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 Social Media Marketing: Selfless is Success, Content is King

by Robert Hughey  (Google+)

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It took me years to understand how to grown my social media presence in the most quick but natural manner.  In short, I began focusing on everyone else around me and less focusing on how I could bend the network to make me money or grow my business. 

I really struggled with this, as I had many years of bad habits. I had been very selfish in my interactions on the social media networks, which was contrary to my goals or being a brand influencer (or: someone others place some trust in his or her recommendations)

Using Social Media to Build Influence

But my Influence began to grow the instant (literally, that very minute) I turned my Twitter conversations into "retweets" "Introductions" of others and new contacts, plus a focused approach to producing exceptionally witty, fun or informative posts. I suddenly had followers favoriting what I said or replying and retweeting what I had written. People started to pay attention because I had started paying attention to them more than myself for once.

And this was only the beginning of my education.

Social Media Marketing Success is Simple: "Be Kind to Others, and the Favor is Returned"

Social Media Marketing is not like the more direct tactics that have been used in the past - and will continue to be used, mostly not effective. Social Media is amazing for building your brand, direct contact with your customers or for interaction with new customers or prospects.

The networks are where people enjoy spending their time. Now, what marketers, sales staff and any brand builder has to understand is that as a whole, the growing online society does not usually get in the buying mood while socializing with friends or building their own social media influence.

Most find it irritating to be blatantly faced with marketing efforts. A brand / business wants to practice what is known as inbound marketing, where you use the social networks to share insights and information that your unique position has afforded you, and you have content on your own sites where you'll get web surfers off the networks and on into your own marketing and sales funnels.

Atlanta social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Essentials

Anyone can start with a fresh website, create blog content, list themselves in an online directory and then hope to start growing an audience immediately. Unfortunately, because of all the distractions online as well as the high level of competition for customers, you need to find a way to set yourself apart from, and even rise above, everyone else competing with you.

That's where marketing yourself online, focusing on your online presence is essential to your small business on the social media networks. You simply must have a presence on social media networks, and by presence - I mean you need someone actively engaging people to participate in discussion, ask questions about your industry, products or services, and it must be a personal experience

So if you want to get attention from prospective customers, then you need to set yourself apart from everyone else. 

My status currently: I love using my odd little brain to interact with a great number of people on the networks. My personal contacts are around 20,000 carefully cultivated individuals (every day), and I am adding more slowly while I seek local Atlanta contracts or perhaps apply for a full time Social Media Manager / Atlanta Digital Marketing Position.

What can I contract with you to do? You can hire me to set up your social media network (your presence), where I create you a detailed step-by-step guide to follow to build your network, tailored to your industry and your unique business needs. I can also run your presence with a month-to-month contract.

Other Atlanta Internet Marketing Services

I can write you a Digital Marketing Plan, and my initial consultation is absolutely free right now. I always say, "it's free to ask questions, and if I'm unsure about something, I have some great resources. I can at least help you along the right path." I'm also certified in several PPC Advertising Platforms and offer services creating, running and analyzing and improving innovative PPC Campaigns as well. Check out my most-recent recommendations for PPC Ads.

I would enjoy setting up your Network to engage your Social Presence in the existing social media networks in such a way that your existing customers are inspired to action in your favor while new customers flock to your sites, sales and marketing funnels.

Are you Business-to-Business?  Then there's a whole special set of sites to meet new clients and reconnect with existing ones. Linkedin has become amazing over this past year, and it's become the primary network for human resources and soon (they hope) all aspects of Enterprise.

 Atlanta Social Media Marketing: 
What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Marketing Atlanta Online Social Media Consult
Search Engine Optimization is Step One

Social Media Marketing Management


The social media networks offer enormous ways of promoting and sharing news of your products, services and what your business goals are. 

The social media networks are best thought of as a way for like-minded and like-interested people to interact, promote each other (over themselves) . And as a business looking to get out the message to interested buyers, there can be no less expensive way than to simply use the right programs (I prefer HootSuite and Sprout) to find the individuals on a network who are in need of your brand's expertise and then helping these individuals or businesses to the best of your ability.

Here's the Real Deal: You help as many people as you can on the social media networks, but you be sure to include ample ways that lead to your sales and marketing funnels. Here's where your site design and content marketing efforts are essential.

 Free consultation and social media evaluation: my current in-house Consultation Special. 

Social Media Advice is also freely given as part of my initial consultation. My Social Media Management A unique and tailor-made Plan can be crafted for you at your request.
I'd be honored to have you as a client. Please contact me here for any questions or inquiries. 

It's a GREAT day for booming business here in  the beautiful city of Atlanta, Georgia! 

I would love to create an internet marketing or social media marketing plan for your business if you wish to run it yourself. I have several really exciting methods for us to start making money for you immediately as well as longer-term plans. And if you're looking for a complete solution to your Social Media, Internet Marketing or are even just starting off, then let's set up a meeting.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting, you can email me or contact me at your convenience.

Please feel free to contact me by filling in your information to the form on my Contact Page, Like this website's Facebook Page or offer you own advice or experiences, or your criticisms or arguments - feel free to message me or respond below in the comments section.

ROBERT WILEY HUGHEY is a full-time freelance writer, marketer, student (always learning something new) and social media evangelist - which is one who shares the virtues and amazingly positive outlook for the success of the social media networks, online marketing and how the two can meet. Robert is very involved in nonprofit online fundraising and he is certainly available for contract or even a full-time permanent position in Digital Marketing or Social Media Management. Contact Robert on this Site  or simply send him an email directly and inquire about services or request further references or writing samples.
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